Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


The triple x isn’t great.


Lads I’m after going through a couple of iptv free trials and I can’t say I’m too impressed. Is there such a thing as iptv with an epg so id actually know what the fuck is on instead of endless pages of shite




Can I get that pm as well please pal.


Throw it this way as well thanks


RTÉ Guide is not just for Christmas.


Lads, have moved and have a satillite dish here but when I try to tune the tv in to get English free to air channels like we had in the last gaff all I’m getting is news channels, Indian and other Arabic channels. I’ve looked into what Astra to go off (28.2e) but can’t get the channels I’m looking for. Help required please!! Herself is not impressed she missed Love Island last night :grimacing:
Thanks in advance, LG smart tv is what we have


I’ll take one too please


Did you move to Dubai?


I wonder is the satellite pointed at a different satellite?


Do you have fire insurance?


Go to kingofsat:

Bang in BBC HD in the search bar and scroll down to 28.2E.
Listed there is all the transponder info for BBC HD channels. Your TV will have a transponder list. You will probably need to add the BBC transponder to the list. Set as many of the settings as you can to to auto but you will need to add the basic transponder info, in this case 10847 V 23000 and possibly the audio 2/3. Hopefully you can then retune by single transponder rather than having to retune the whole list.

That BBC transponder is very strong, so if it doesn’t bring in the associated channels, your dish may indeed be pointing at the wrong satellite.

When you get going you may decide to delete all the old transponders bringing in the sh1t and just add the transponders you want. Or you should probably be able to setup a favourites list also.

Here’s another list you might find helpful


@Copper_pipe bro , staying in a house with freesat, but hasn’t got RTE’s tuned in. Any pointers? I’m clueless here and want to watch the Galway Clare game.


Would you go to the local for it bud?


I will, but it won’t suit an elderly in law. You can’t count the currency up for collection here.


Is there another connection point around for a different aerial? We have that set up here which was a nuisance until iptv entered my life.


Have you tried to a Digital retune? Is there even a Saorview aerial…


If there’s no ssorview aerial he’s fucked.


Freesat is no use to you, needs saorview ariel.


Be careful pal