Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


It’s not my own system and I’d be wary of making too many changes. I retuned, it found RTE, but there’s no signal/weak signal

@Copper_pipe, any way round this no?


Break out the wheel chair and bring elderly person with you to pub.


That ones in the back pocket


Pub it is


Even swankier, Douglas Village!


Buy an indoor aerial in Tescos. A plug in amplified one. I think they’re about €39 unfortunately.


For anyone that got the IPTV through me.

The server is planned to go offline on 7th August at 11pm. It will be down for an hour or 2. We are changing IP’s and DNS’

It’s a big security move. Ready for the football season ahead so for the better in the long run…


Which IP is that mate? I’m on Syndicate.

How much is your one?


It does not have a name to be honest!

80 gbp for 12 months


does it have everything? Saturday 3pm’s etc?


Everything yeah.

If you can think of it then it has it basically.




Everything you could ever dream of


& more


I’ve been been told to pass on this offer for the new season.

£65 for a year sub. No tests beforehand. Up until 9pm on Wednesday 8th.

PM me if you are interested…


You must at least be getting a free box out of it, with all the business you get him?


What’s this mate?

You can give me a PM anyway. I haven’t used IPTV before, do I need an Android box?


Will he refund me the 4 months I’ve left on my 6 month sub if I take this offer?!


You can chance it and ask him…


typical @Mac