Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


True. Ballsy lads don’t waste money


@Copper_pipe I had been using the iptv with my wifi and linking it to a mini computer connected to the TV. I invested in a cable from the router to the mini computer. A game changer. Didn’t buffer once last night during the Sunday Game. Shame about the content.


Is there any way of casting the Sky Sports Mobile App or paying it on an Android box?

I’ve been offered the choice of a free subscription to that or Spotify and don’t know which way to go.


Sky Sports Mobile TV can only be used on the once device it’s registered to. The app blocks casting too AFAIK.


Yeah I figured. Cheers.

Spotify it is so.


can you not download it in the android box and play it on that through your TV? no casting. I dont know, maybe they dont allow downloads to android boxes.


The cute hoors have blocked the use of the HDMI port with the app


This is possible. I do it myself.

Download Allcast.
Mirror your screen to the TV.
Open the app.

You’re welcome.


Looks like terrarium TV is shutting down. Any other similarly app out there?


Just saw it there a few min ago video mix was where they were poaching some stuff from.


Showbox or Cartoon HD were what I used before terrarium.
You might have to get dirty and go torrenting to guarantee quality


Yeah am raging just uninstalled mine after the latest update kept showing the message it’s closing.
Would really appreciate an alternative if someone has one?
I installed Popcorntime but before you play anything they redirect me to sign up to pay for a vpn so I’m not gonna give it a chance unless someone recommends it or gives me a workaround


By God


You still with us @Copper_pipe


Signing in.

I may drop the guy in the UK an email and see if he’s still alive…



They were arrested for offences under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000, and the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act, 2010.

Bit harsh


They had a few quid in the accounts!


Copper, is there a telly these days which you can run a direct Internet connection to?
Ie a wire.


Any smart tv you could id say