Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


Think most newer ones have Ethernet port


It appears that the IPTV providers in the U.K., were getting their sports streams from Virgin Media cards in Ireland from the guys that got arrested. It explains why the HD Sports dropped last week :grimacing:


You can buy one with the port built in or you can buy the adapter for it


What kind of adapter???


Have you a Smart TV at the moment or are you looking to buy one?


I have a smart TV but I can’t find a ether net port. Its a LG I think so it probably burned.
May be a Samsung.
I’ve also a Panasonic one which may be smart but its old. Maybe ten years old.
I’m thinking of replacing this with a big curvy one.
This one is right beside the router so would be easy to connect.
The other one is on the wall and is a pain in the bollix to see any connections in. I’d also struggle with planning permission to run a cable.


I find WiFi is strong enough for the smart tv apps like Netflix, amazon and YouTube but I have Ethernet cable hooked up on android box


So how does that work?
Ethernet cable into android box into telly?


Would the wiffy not do you mate?


No just into android box. Tv is fine on WiFi. If you need another Ethernet cable buy the adapters that transmit through your electricity. They are the job. Just plug into wall beside your router and plug in other end beside device you need high speed internet on.


Tried them. I think the broadband is dodgy. I use the WiFi from right next to the router, but it drops the signal even for Netflix and amazon. Company just keep saying line test is grand.


Do you have a microwave between the router and the Telly?


How old is the modem? You might need to tune it into a different frequency channel as a lot of other devices operate off a standard frequency setting so there could be interference.


Does the same thing happen on other devices or just the TV?


I do between one of them, but not the other.


Just the telly.


Have a read of this.

Don’t use them on any mains splitters, adapters or extension leads. Try keep them on the same mains circuit (MCB) if possible. Keep the wire distance as short as possible.

Like everything else there are good ones and bad ones out there. Don’t mix different types in the same house. Load the software that came with them on a portable and do some speed tests around the house. You’ll be surprised the difference in speeds, even on a double socket.


I tried it, but the telly I watch runs off a different circuit.


Do you have a different circuit for the East Wing?


Maybe he could get the butler to hold the aerial?