Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


I’ve an alternative source apk if anyone interested. Seems to work OK, haven’t searched a whole lot on it yet.


Pm me please Gman- unless it’s teatv which I got last night


Send her on


That’s it alright. Have onebox too but haven’t checked that out


It’s not bad at all. Not as good as terrarium in terms of range of titles but way better than any of the other 3 I downloaded and subsequently uninstalled


Not sure if this the right thread but best I could find.

Sky deleted a couple of programmes from the box, any idea if/how they can be recovered? They’re not in the usual deleted items section.


If you ring sky and ask to be put through to content recovery section they will walk you through it. Takes a day or so to get them back


Thanks. Might just write them a letter instead.


Two lads arrested in the UK also yesterday…

Basically most IPTV providers lost their HD sports last week. They assumed that the cardsharing on Virgin Media Ireland had stopped but it turns out they were getting the streams off the lads that got arrested Dublin and the streams stopped. The HD sports now arent true HD but an upscaled imaged of a SD picture.

The providers now need to get local sky cards or now tv boxes or find a new supplier for the streams. All IPTV been hit pretty much. VM Ireland CS was main sports HD supply…


@Copper_pipe I’m moving into new pad in coming weeks. Kind of a blank canvas when it comes to the TV situation, I’m almost certain there’s a satellite dish and saorview aerial which I’ll use for free to air channels (through an old dreambox) and the Irish stuff.

I own an android box, bought for me as a gift, that I used to run showbox on. Talk to me mate, what should I be looking at setting up? I’ll be investing in a new TV in coming months too, current one is not a smart TV but new one will be. Broadband is decent AFAIK


What model is it? (Is it decent it a piece of shit)


Droidplayer is the make. About 4 years old I’d say, small black one with a green android chap on the front.


Fairly ancient yoke so…

I’ll have a look tomorrow and report back.

Amazon Firestick is worth a look anyway.

@The_Selfish_Giant will be glad to support this claim.





Check the deleted items in Settings. Might still be there.


All this hassle with dodgy boxes, can the find out who has one?? I think Il just get sky,

#1099 a guard. You have to be legit.


You’ll be telling us accountants have to be tax-compliant next


I’m hearing teatv is a good streaming service.