Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc




Get a electrician to wire it into the same circuit. Might be easy. Might be impossible. Worth a try.


I cant see how they can completely stop streaming services - they’ll always just reappear… Hopefully these recent arrests are enough for a while and our boy takes extra care also


Get Google Internet or the slightly cheaper TP Link Deco. They’re mesh wifi packages and will solve your problems.


The TP Link deco will only cover a 4500 sq ft house.


I should have also mentioned above.

You need to do some tests on the same circuit and see if you’re getting the correct speeds. If not, something else is wrong.


This is nowt to do with sky or a box, this Netflix and amazon prime dropping off.


This is likely an extremely stupid question, but the router the broadband provider sent, can I just replace this with that system or would the router be specifically configured for the provider?


You can buy a router and set it up to work with your broadband fairly easily. Most ISP give the settings for you to do this


I don’t like the phrase “fairly easily”
I have no idea what an isp setting is.


Handiest thing is book a flight for @Copper_pipe Id say. Would be quickest way of resolving this


You add this onto the router you already have.


I bought a wireless sound system before which was “fairly easy” to set up. I ended up giving it away speaker by speaker.


My slight worry is that the router is just crap. I have range extenders and the signal is always OK, just the Netflix stops playing mid film repeatedly.
It took three fcuking evenings to watch jack reacher this week.


I nearly would. Its driving me demented.




you might get the internet fixed but you’d lose any finery and silver that was on show.

He’d be checking in a bag coming back


ring the provider and threaten to leave as the service isn’t meeting your needs. They’ll either fix it or won’t.

If they don’t you go to a new provider and they’ll send someone out to set it up and you can tell them what you need it for


As a rule, the routers provided by the ISP are fairly shit.


I’ve one of those big screen flat tv’s and the sound quality is shit. Would a sound bar a good purchase ?