Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


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You won’t really be using the router other than to pass signal through to the mesh wifi system. If it’s actually broken then it needs replacing but if it’s just not functioning sufficiently as a wifi distributor then that won’t matter because you’ll be using the Google or Deco systems to transmit the signal around the house.


Does the Fire stick work in Ireland? Do you need to block your IP address using it?


Works like a dream.

If you want to set up a UK account can do so with a Belfast address and a revolut card


You certainly need to block. Fuck all available to watch on it otherwise. I’ve learned from experience :persevere:


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I went to watch two things on teatv last night and there were no available links. It’s no terrarium :rage:


it’s a load of bollocks. even when you find something you get about 5 links and they are mostly streamango one’s that have the 1xbet cunt ads on them


That’s because you didnt set it up right you fool … you left out one big step!!


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I’m slowly but surely getting the hang of this place. :grin:


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? I’ve already watched a few things on it so tell me more


Copper pipe already put it up … maybe have a baby wipe at the ready.


Right lads. Mag332 is powered on. Ethernet cable is going from router to box. HDMI cable is going from box to TV. The UI is displaying on the TV. My thumb is up my hole. What are the next steps to get moving pictures on my telly?


Download and install an app