Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


I’m not but I know a fella.


It’s not strictly illegal either though?


It’s illegal to provide. I don’t think it’s technically illegal to consume


It ain’t 100 per cent legal


Anyone having issues with their iptv sub? Mine stopped working yesterday.


Is it still down?


I reinstalled the app and lost my url’s. Waiting for our man too resend.


He could be a while I think. He had his work party last night and there was a free bar!


No worries I’m off out for pints myself now.


Mine is down also… Was on to him last night about setting it up for someone else and he said it would be this evening as he had a free bar… Drop him a line there, pal as you’re his no.1 guy.


Now tv stick with 2 months sky cinema 19.99 in lidl


Mine is working fine.


Yeah. Connection timeout on my end.
Was OK last nite as had villa game with no probs
Ah he Ll rattle something together soon I’d say


Just home to see my own are down also :see_no_evil:

Leave it with me


All good here as well.


DNS got blacklisted last night. May be a while for him to get through all the emails.



On behalf of those of us with legal tv, I hope you guys get sorted soon.


I’ll miss my Oirish property porn and cooking shows.


How do these lads get caught BTW?