Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


That’d be telling


If any of ye who are signed up have yere links handy. (Try ye’re email inbox ) PM me and I’ll try get ye sorted


I was onto him and got it back up and running. I’ve set mrs O Sullivan up on it as well.


Has she the XXX ?


I won’t be checking :smile:


He says he has just over 400 signed up for 80 pounds each for the year :open_mouth:


I have a few more for him after crimbo.


Mine is down too. Should I wait for him to sort or will I send something to you @Copper_pipe?


I hope ye have the telly back for the Christmas


I have another couple as well.


Yerra in the worst case we’ll watch the All Ireland Hurling Final. Again.


If you have a link send it on to me in PM.

It’ll either be a tinyurl link or a long m3u link.

It’s a link unique to you.


@Copper_pipe is it too late to sign up? I meant to do it months ago but got too busy.


Can you wait until tomorrow or Monday :see_no_evil:


Yeah I’m in no hurry, pal.


Just having some teething issues that’s all :rofl:


My firestick is currently stuck in Hawaii. I’ll be onto your mate next weekend :wink:


All sorted within a half an hour. A few emails and the job is OXO. Better customer service than Sky.


its unreal
he even got Artutz 10 added to show the daily squabbles from the Knesset added after a request from the war office here


Did you get sorted?