Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


looking forward to MOTD tonight


@Copper_pipe really earning his affiliate commission tonight


Perfect thanks man
I’ll waterfall the comms to my side

Hopefully the mole is dealt with


A test Match as well at midnight


What channel is the cricket on?


One of the BTs
The continual bet 365 ads are a bit disconcerting but it’ll get you up till 2am if you want a bit of peace whilst browsing a newspaper with a drink


There is a deranged spectacle now on bt espn.
The us army are playing the us navy in an nfl game. The crowd is segregated between sailors and infantrymen.
A black sailor just caught the ball, was tackled and fell over…there was a 5 minute deliberation as to whether he caught the ball or not. When it was deemed he did he went buck ape (pardon the pun) and did this moonwalk around the place…it wasn’t even a touchdown. Messed up stuff


Anyone else need their IPTV fixed? :sweat_smile:


Incredible service. Incredible. :clap:


Fwiw The Man says someone from UEFA bought a sub (not from our guy) and managed to get the details so they got the whole thing shut down for Copyright claim, hence the DDNS got blacklisted :open_mouth:


That fucker Delaney


Our man was still trying to sort me after midnight last night and delivered c1am.

Legend :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


How are some of you lads picking the service up, are you not using the app?


I use it with kodi or VLS.


Id say the main ones are:

Firestick (Android Box)
Smart TV
Mag Box

Plenty options there anyway.


I meant vlc


App on firestick


App on smart tv


Which app? I’m using Smart Iptv apl


STbemu on android is very reliable