Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


Any of ye who have the sub with @Copper_pipes man, there is a section called NBA and loads of channels called NBA Pass 1, NBA Pass 2 and so on. Any of those ever work?


They should be NBA League Pass streams.

You might have to refresh the Channel list to get the live stream for that event. I know I have to do it on the firestick for the NFL Gamepass streams anyway.

What app are you using on the Firestick for streaming?


IPTV it’s called.


When you go in to the App is there an icon with 3 vertical dots?

You should be able to refresh TV guide or EPG.

It takes about 20 seconds for a refresh. Try it when there is an NBA game on. When there isn’t a game on then there will be nothing on the stream.



Is that coming from a site with a paywall?


I’ve got rid of the Sky and all :clap: :clap:


How do I get my channels back after resetting factory settings for iptv. Iv a blue screen with some website link on it.


PM me


You langer.


Never listen to YouTube it will only let ya down.


Ask tfk in future.


IPTV guy closed for business (not answering emails) between 23rd Dec and 3rd January :evergreen_tree:


It better not break so.


He dropped me a line last night to make sure everything is running ok - what a guy.


I must get on to him if hes handing out free lines :smile:


Guys, Dr. IPTV is currently walking me through my Firestick setup. I’ll update, as required.

@Copper_pipe he commented on reviewing your commission % in the new year.


You’re life is going to change in ways you never thought possible.



OMG - Welcome aboard pal. Are you getting the xxx ?


Damn straight.