Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


I’ve sent 3/4 his way - another couple in the new year… I’ll have to take a % of your %


Jog on you cunt.


It’s all coming out now ---- being Mr Nice guy is merely your sales pitch around here… you’re really just a cunt like the rest of us.



@Copper_pipe, he just “LOL’d” in his correspondence. I’m not sure I can trust this man.


did you say something humorous?


It’s easy know its not me running it anyway.

I’d like to think my use of the English language is much better than his.


Of course not, this is serious bidness.


I’d say he asked for the XXX to be included :grinning:


the poor man is probably up to his neck dealing with muldoons trying to get smart tv’s to work. Give him a break


He respects you more if you write your mails to him in mockney


Mate, I had the ADB debugging activated before I was asked.


I got the same. Great service.

Mine never went down I don’t think. Must be just you lads with the XXX channels


I really hope it works for you guys over the Christmas


I presume he will be monitoring everything tho ? And you have his mobile so we are sorted.


Christmas is a time for board games and reading books.

I’ve invested in Scotland Yard - the hunt for Mr X. A great board game I remember from my youth


@Copper_pipe - if I have IPTV installed on a Smart TV could I use it on a mobile device while away on holidays by any chance? How would I go about doing this?


PM me


I asked you about this before - I’ll take a PM if this can be done.


Just email the chap and ask him.