Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


What’s the deal with the 24/7 channels, gents? Seems to just randomly stop during episodes or movies and go back to the start?


I didn’t get the XXX mate so not sure


Yeah, usually sci fi on one of them.


How do you mean, bro? The South Park one for instance just stops at random parts of the show and then starts a different one.


Get the firestick, bring it with you




We’re always on the same page, old friend.


@Copper_pipe has already sorted me out


Anyone else have an issue when watching movies on IPTV through @Copper_pipe mate that the movies might have either subtitles in Chinese running at bottom of screen throughout and another film I’ve tried to watch appears to be in French dialogue (isle of dogs)?

I can’t really find a setting to either a) remove the subtitles or b) in the case of Isle of dogs change the language to English instead of French. Anyone know if there’s a way around these?


Put a bit of masking tape on the bottom of the screen.


Would these be recently released movies?


Yes they’re in the new releases category.


Would these movies be a bit “tricky”


New release torrents are hard to come by so you’ll have to make do with it until a better version is sourced I’m afraid.


Ah right. So he’d be inclined to update to a different torrent of the same movie if a better version came on stream?


The whole thing is a bit “tricky”.


Yes. How’s it going overall for you?


Very well thank you. The NBA streams are magnificent if one is inclined to stay up late to watch them. From what i can make out you’ve every match live, so if you wanted to watch every Boston Celtics match in a season it seems doable. The on demand stuff is great too.

One other thing, i have trouble fast forwarding thing or rewinding? Say if i wanted to go back 30 seconds. From what i can make out you can only jump in chapters, which could be in 5-10min blocks.


This page might help you know what you’re getting.

I don’t have that system so don’t know if that information is in the titles of the movies you watch. The language is normally noted as well, if not the original language. HC are hard coded subs, that can’t be switched off.


Might have a lot to do with your internet speed and how the box is connected to the router. Wired is better than wifi.