Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


People free TV’s are to be got by simply mugging off sky. I told them I was moving in, misses moving out, reduced bill too…simples


With a firestick plugged into a telly, can you plug an ethernet cable into the firestick, or does it have to run by WiFi??


Is there a port on the fire stick for an Ethernet cable?


WiFi only afaik


I just bought an adaptor yoke on amazon which looks like it should do the job. Probably won’t knowing my luck.


What adapter yoke? What are you trying to do?

The fire stick is just a stick that plugs into the HDMI port of the TV, no ethernet connection.

“Now TV” comes as a stick, an app for newer TVs and as a box. The box has an ethernet connection.


Should work grand


@habanerocat giving @flattythehurdler tech advice - what could go wrong?


You might run out of HDMI ports on the TV…


This yoke


I need a longer link Flatty.




Some Indian lad typed that once.


No,have had iptv for yonks,no joy,


Invest in a decent box,I’ve an Nvidia shield ,can’t be bate,and a good IPTV reseller at a decent rate,had several different cheap android boxes,none compare


Loads of dependable resellers out there, my own guy always gets back to u, sometimes straight away, sometimes a few hours,only had to contact him 3 times in 9 months ( EPG problem) sorted


@Corksfinedtboy, sounds like you’ve been mugged off


Full HD all sports,all movies,all doc/ history,us/ GB sky,Canada/ us/ UK/ Irish entertainment for e15 ,u gotta be joking, nearest coming to that service,is e20, buffering etc,I’ve none


Really don’t think you know much ref IPTV :fearful:


IT guy in work is an Nvidia man - seamless he says