Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


Correct,I’ve had quite a few android boxes over the years, Nvidia shield is the tops,you tube it


@Copper_pipe Would your mate take requests to add TV series do you think? Say True Detective season one?


They’re all on most loaded android boxes via movies HD,or shoebox( free)


Does anybody know any good providers of good m3u playlists with Video On Demand of series, movies etc? I’m using an app called SmartIPtv in my Samsung and LG TVs but this only provides channels, not series on demand. Anyone using similar?




did you get the XXX?


I did.


Fao of @Copper_pipe
Can you talk me through a vpn for the fireshtick??
Thanks in advance
Your edevotee


Why would you need a VPN for the Firestick?


Well I want a vpn for the house but I don’t know how it works or what to do.


What are you trying to hide?


Using a firestick


I wouldn’t worry about it. You’re not the only one.


Would a vpn not be safer?


This would be safer. Might help in other ways also.

@grapes OK … Explaining … losing and all that

It’s a picture of a condom. A vpn is a sort of condom in that it “sheathes” what’s inside from external influence!


What sort of carry on is this lad? What age are you? Stupid boy.

  1. But I thought puerile humour was a large part of this forum. OOoooooops!


delete it


One of my tellys is about to go on the fritz. A line has started to appear across the top of the screen. 13 year old Telly so it owes me nothing. It’s not the LG. It’s a Samsung.

Anyway any recommendations for a replacement. I’d like a 55 inch smart tv. Doesn’t have to be too high end