Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


This is filtered down to 55inch 4k smart tvs under 600 quid. A few LGs(including the one above) and a Panasonic in there.


Tellys are as cheap as chips these days. That’s some value.


Throw your telly in a skip and never let another into your house again.


Ah yeah, a tiny bit of research will get you some really good value.


I have the 50 inch version of the above LG for the past month must say its excellent. Much better than equivalent Samsung I have in the other room which is only a few months older


Yea, stick with the LG or Sony. Samsung after that. Then they’re all the same after that.


Yes it would.

You probably were reading stuff online. Mostly written by people promoting VPNs.
The law would be going after the big fish, not the end user.

The worst that could happen is a slap on the wrist from your broadband supplier, but they would just probably block that site first.

If somebody can post up here a story of an end user being prosecuted, then I’ll gladly eat my words.


What do you plan on using the Firestick for exactly that you think requires a VPN?


Check richer


The usual like.


Such as…


We just got a Samsung 55 with a curved screen and a separate package of a sound bar and subwoofer. Awesome, but the LG in the kitchen with the LG soundbar and woofer seem just as good. The soundbar and woofer I’d really really recommend.


If someone was watching the hurling on iptv for instance.


No need for VPN


Even if its a grey area legally speaking?


If it makes you feel better you can send me a few quid and I can install an imaginary VPN on it for you.


Great. I’ve already paid you in cryptocurrency.


IPTV etc is as safe as houses, untraceable, you’re subscribing from a guy who subscribed from another,who buys a few subscriptions from somebody else etc etc


One for the tech heads. I am trying to download Netflix on an I pad 2 but it says it is not compatible with device. Is there any workaround for this?


Go with the LG that @StoneCold has linked.

A good telly with a decent app store to match. if you ever want to get the illegal TV you can get the app on it too :slight_smile: