Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


This is basically it in a nutshell.

I imagine a few providers are using the same streams. NOW TV boxes seem to be their main source of streams at the moment.


Get the rear speakers Flatty. It’ll finish the job.


Went with the Samsung in the end. Nicer looking Telly. The lg looked a bit plasticky.


No need for the fire extinguisher so


Throwing on the XXX in a bit now


I might have to give @Copper_pipe a shout on this, I’m running out of fellas on done deal giving me 24hr and weekend trials when there’s something on I want to watch



Thats gas!


It might be gas but it’s hard work, texting some square head cracking on that “I’m interested in buying one of his boxes for the telly”, and " im not very good with these things" etc…about 20 secs after he replies I’ve the mac address sent to him and im watching the game or the golf or whatever…it kills them when they look for the money and I tell them it’s constantly freezing, “must be something wrong with the mobile internet or something”.


Michael inside is up there at the moment

Very good



:joy: I wouldn’t be feelin too guilty about that… I’ve shelled out for 2 boxes + year’s subscriptions in the last year\eighteen months and haven’t got 6 months out of either of them.


Buy a shield,sub to IPTV


How come? Freezing issues or what?


yeah go on. Baffle me!


Shield android box , subscribe to an iptv supplier, anymore information need to p.m.


had freezing\jumping issues but both services just disappeared in the finish. first one the guy said there’d been a change to the encryption which they couldn’t crack. Second I don’t know. I’d guess they were shut down.


Pm and I’ll point you to muygiy,but must have decent broadband,mine is e15 via PayPal per month, everything,USA/CA, UK/ doc/ may Geo ,I’m so this guy 7/8 months, best I’ve had,every sports Ch, movie ,ppv etc


€15 per month is a bit steep


Cheers I’ll bear that in mind Have a Zgemma box at moment & another year subscription + vpn. Waitin for the hammer to fall on it too!


Best ,steadiet iptv going,I’ve had them all locally, mostly shite,


You mug