Buying a TV - Streaming etc. etc


Yeah I know


@Corksfinedtboy trying to take a cut of my IPTV territory :flushed::cold_sweat:


Shoot the bastard CP


As an aside, if 15 is too steep (presume that’s a 3 month subscription) what would you consider fellas should be paying for say a 3 month sub?


No, roll-on,I wouldn’t take anything over a month from anyone, service might cease,can get 6 months etc at a much reduced rate,but not for cautious me


I’m not the Guard in this thread.


I’m not either since January 2nd :facepunch: :sunglasses:


Did you get fucked out for stalking @backinatracksuit?


Does that include the triple X?


What is it with you and stalking? :thinking:

I announced my resignation from the force exclusively on TFK back in late October /early November mate. Couldn’t see myself doing it for the rest of my life until retirement. Fuck that.


Did you decide to go before that Nordie got to you? He’s some cunt to be pointing the finger.


Had decided to go before his appointment. He’s disliked hugely within the force, which might not be a bad thing maybe


Can’t tell you what I hope that might lead to! :rofl:


Never asked,that’s all shite anyway,videodevil etc are all on Kodi for free, whatever rock’s your boat


Likely tale, blue shirt for life


Anyone know of a iptv app i can use for the kindle fire? Using GSE Iptv on my android phone and on ipad but for some reason i cant get it on the kindle fire.


You can probably side load it on to it.


Download through internet rather than App Store?


@Copper_pipe this Sky coverage is pissing me off. Have searched US channels on app but can’t find the direct Channel for the NFL game from our friend. Any idea?


What app are you using?