Bye bye Pamela (hopefully)

Well the courts dismissed Pamela Izevbekhai appeal, hopefully now she will put on the plane back to where she came from.

Court Ruling on Pamela



If global capital has free movement of where it wants to locate, why shouldn’t people have free movement of where they want to live?

How much did the charter flight to Nigeria and back cost taxpayers?


Less than all the appeals and courts time she has wasted producing fake documents.

if you cant trust the nigerians who can you trust?

This thread needs some input from The Link Walshe.

Certainly not the Irish

Hopefully? Why are you taking this so personally?

I thought this was about the impending demise of the legendary star of Baywatch and Stacked. Glad to see it’s not.

+1. Gread thread mate.

Always found it funny that hardly anyone wanted to use Ireland to seek asylum from tyranny and injustice when we were broke, then the country picked up a bit and all of a sudden these lads were being persecuted at home and need to come here. A happy coincidence I suppose.

she flew to lagos via Paris on a commercial aer line

terrible decision & the racists on here sicken me

Agreed, she should have flown via Venice and stopped off to enjoy Carnival.

[quote=“The All Seeing Eye, post: 489558”]
she flew to lagos via Paris on a commercial aer line

terrible decision & the racists on here sicken me[/quote]
you sicken me you pathetic cunt

amazed shatter has come out of this unscathed seeing as he was on her legal team

He can’t decide whether he’s circumcised himself somedays shur.


Authorities in this country bend over with their trousers down for crooks like Google and Intel so they can pay no tax yet vilify and punish poor Africans. Every government in the state’s history has subscribed to a global economic model which is based on exploitation of poor countries and poor people, then they moan when they get a bit of blowback. Hypocrites.

do these companies not collect PAYE from their employees or am i missing something here? Do they not help our balance of payments? I would hate to see what state the country would be in if these companies decided to leave the country tomorrow.