Calling admin-rocko dunph & bandage

calling admin

like fingal raven before i feel ncc has served his purpose on here- FR was a little hot headed & angry so I rebranded to the much more mild mannered & likeable NCC but alas that has served its course too- i think my message about gga is clear & even the most ardent bogger knows im right.

please change my username to the All Seeing eye

thanks in advance

I’ll have to run a check first to see that “The All Seeing Eye” isn’t already taken.

TASE, it has a nice ring to it…

Looks like Dunph is handling this one for you NCC. Let me know if we can be of further assistance.

Rocko, i’ve ran a quick search on that username and i can confirm it is available. I’ll let you have the casting vote, it will need a two thirds majority from the admin/mod team to go through. Everything looks alright on my end…

bit surprised to see NCC & not TASC as the thread originator