Calling all Fingalians

Lets hope the Porto take away doesn’t disgrace its more illustrious neighbour – 8.30pm tonight RTE1

Angela Leggett and Karl Byrne are big fans of their local Indian Takeaway. DJ and Promoter Karl will regularly order Beef Vindaloo from India Link in Portmarnock, but Angela prefers to have Chicken Korma delivered to her door in Malahide. At India Link in Portmarnock Davi Singh-Bidhawith and his team have been turning out popular Indian takeaway favourites since 1992 and they are very much up for the challenge.
The challenger this week is celebrity chef Neven Maguire. He’s hoping to make the best of the competition even though he admits that Indian cuisine may not be his strongest suit.
Will India Link triumph against Neven Maguire’s Cavan Korma? Find out as Neven Maguire sharpens his knives, and his wits, and prepares to Take on the Takeaway.

The chef will win.
The takeaway driver will end up in the grand in Malahide, then sit out at the estuary before heading into Gibneys and later on to Venue.
There is so much to see and do in North County Dublin that it would be impossiable for a person not to be distracted by its beauty.

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