Calling all huddlers

I am calling in a favour.

What is the name of the hospital you were born in?


I was born in a private hospital in Rome, what I am wondering is why do you want to know the name of it?

Italian nationality authentication police. All seems in order. Thank you.

What is the favour? I’m only really a lurker there though.

I think the poster ‘Gyp’ might be a great addition to the board.

hey man, where’s your avatar?

I’m changing it, bro. I haven’t decided what to, yet.

the old one was cool, dude

It was, Brand Destro has been rocketing recently and I hope to continue its surge.

Have you a progress report on this, Rocko?

You know that feeling you get when you ask someone to do you a solid but when it comes to chasing up an answer, it becomes more and more apparent that the person who you’ve called upon won’t do it for you but lacks the fortitude to tell you that. Well that’s the feeling I’m getting now.