Calling bandage and redneck(the puke)

Can the two you do us all a favor and never again post on anything related to soccer. you have proved yourslves the biggest plonkers on the internet. (with your condtant raving about Zlatan). he got taken off on both days and was (is) completely useless.there is absolutely no way you can defend the useless cunt.but come on give us a laugh anyway.

Here don’t be getting tetchy because you can’t see the magnificence that is Zlatan. He is probably the best player of all time.

Everyone is entitled to an off night.

too true dunph…

except he got taken off in italy as well…

the importat thing is that us the Italians won-

i must dust off my Inter Milan jersey for the final, I’ve always been a massive fan of them, and it’s great to finally reach the pinnacle of European footbal, hopefully it will be a blue and black flag that will be planted at the summit.

i wont begrudge you your day in the sun after so many years of pain

I’d say you’ll have grown out of that by now, oh wait…


That is very magnanimous of you.

In Ogni posto che andiamo
La gente vuol sapere
Chi noi siamo
Glielo diciamo
Chi noi siamo
Siamo l’armata nerazzurra
E mai nessun ci fermera’
Noi saremo sempre qua
Quando l’Inter giochera
Perche’ l’Inter e’ la squadra degli Ultra’
Nerazzurro e’ il colore che amiamo
Nerazzurro sei tutto per noi
A. S. Siro, in Italia, In Europa
Mai la fede di noi morira’


Some people just don’t get it