Calling gaelgoiri

I need to put together a line as Gaelige wishing either “best wishes” or “continued success” to a school.

Would this be correct:

“Go n’éirí libh Gaelscoil Name”


That’s pretty good Runt, couldn’t see much wrong with it.

How about

“Gach Dea-ghuí chuig Gaelscoil Name”

Ya it’s ok but basically means best wishes, the first one is a bit better or you could also say “Go néirí an tádh libh Gaelscoil …”

Sound, so do I not need the ’ in n’eiri?

Write it as “Go n-eirí an tádh libh…”
As far as I know the word “tádh” doesn’t need a comma after the t, others say it does, as in “t’ádh”. You may need to check that.

Thanks for that.

I’d insert the school’s identity in place of “name” Runt

Fada on the e of course. No comma or apostrophe required.

That would be close enough but don’t put it in inverted commas like that…

Go n-éirí an t-ádh libh Gaeilscoil …

“Beir bua Gaeilscoil…” is probably a nicer way of saying good luck or be victorious
The others are a bit book Irish for my liking

This thread is really drawing the primary school teachers out of the woodwork…

It depends what Gaeltacht area you’re near too. Down in the south west, “Beir bua” wouldn’t be used that much.

It’s an advert in a program for a fundraising event. I’m not really wishing them luck in a match

Go with “go n-éirí le…” so if you want to wish them good luck, you could change it to something like “Ádh mór agus gach dea-ghuí Gaelscoil…”


Ag stealladh paisti has a better ring to it