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Ahoy, I’m just getting started on this cycling thing and was wondering if you could recommend any good cycle routes in dun laoghaire or south county Dublin, the less traffic interaction the better.

I can only think of going up and down the metals, or is there other routes?

No idea where the metals are. From Dun Laoghaire, follow the coastline down through Sandycove, Dalkey and Killiney into Shankill. Keep going into Bray. At the first set of traffic lights in Bray near the Axa office and Topaz, take a right and head up along that road for about 700m. Hang a left and an immediate right and you’ll climb for a few km up past Dun Laoghaire golf club. Eventually at the end of this road turn right and you’ll join the old road from Sandyford to Enniskerry. Continue along that past the ski centre, through Kilternan, Stepaside and back towards Sandyford. Hang a right somewhere along the way, either at the mint or just off the Dundrum bypass and make your way back to DL.

If you want more hills hang a left in a Kilternan and head for Glencullen. If you want something a bit flatter to start head for the N11 and come in along it as far as the canal, hang a right and head down towards the coast and back out along the coast road. Don’t go during rush hour and traffic should be grand.

I think Art is more looking for a leisurely jaunt if he’s on about going up and down the metals.

The metals is a cycle / pedestrian path that follows the Dart line from Dun Laoghaire to Dalkey Quarry BTW.

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allow me

anyone who cycles for anything apart from a means of transport is odd

I’m doing a 100km cycle next Sunday to raise money for a Hospice - does that make me odd?

in the list of things that make you odd that wouldnt be the one that stands out

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I’m transporting myself up and down the metals.