Calling Mac- Early response required

Hi Mac,

Which banks accept coin lodgements


All do I think but they are restricted to certain hours of the day. @mac will Google exactly when if you let him know what branch you are talking about.

Cark City

bumped for MAC

Were you down there taking care of business?

no comment

Cat got your tongue @Mac ?

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Fuck sake @Mac

AIB on Upper Baggot Street beside Searson’s accepts bagged coin lodgements. It should seeing you work in REDACTED and your office is on REDACTED.

I’m in Cork kid say Nash 19 in 20 mins?




Grand don’t say I didnt offer you prick

Fuck sake @Mac


Call into a bookie and ask will they sort them for you, they machines what do it. A lot of tesco’s have a machine that does it for you for about 10% too.