Calling mac-Mildly important


No I'm in mate. @Ebeneezer_Goode just emailed me :ronnyroar:




How was your lunch mate?


you didn't respond
we didn't go
we walked around aimlessly for 2 hours discussing options and couldn't agree on any


I told you to go to Foleys


I told you EG was barred


ok admins - delete this thread

its been a disaster


And then he posted that he wasn’t. I sometimes feel you don’t read all the posts in your threads. I’ll have to consider my role going forward in light of this.


Oh don’t you worry, we will be seeing a lot more calling padjo threads from now on


Check out the ravenous thread mate!



Oylegate primary school are crying out for kids to enroll mate. Bring the kids home Mac, leave the rate race.

PS: the parking around Wexford railway station is a shambles.


The kids are being reared in Wexford mate don’t worry. The cinema car park is the best for the train. 2-3 minute walk away.

Are you on holidays down this way?


Day trip. Took a walk along river there, alot of renovation done on river front since I was here last.


Did the same walk on Sunday. Was pissing rain but it’s only glorious on a sunny day. The kids are usually amazed by all the boats and small trawlers.


We crossed paths today. :open_mouth::open_mouth:


Were you in Tinahely yesterday by any chance?




You missed the Lar bandwagon in full show


Was the show any good?


Twas ridiculous. Never been there before. Couldn’t get over the crowds. Wasn’t really looking for anything other than to show the young lads the animals and machinery.

A Nathan Carter equivalent was belting out the tunes to a full dancefloor of people jiving at 3pm in the afternoon. Pure and utter roaster behaviour but you couldn’t not be impressed by the lack of giving a shit. Must’ve been thousands there.

The eldest lad got his picture taken with Lar and the Liam McCarthy trophy. When we told Lar he was born on the day of the 2014 replay he started chatting away to him about hurling for a minute or 2. He wouldn’t have had a notion what Lar was talking about but it was a nice little gesture from a fella who appears to be an alright sort.