Calling mac-Mildly important


That would be the biggest Show in the East alright. Never been to it.

Lar is an alright sort, dim but alright.


did you see @iron_mike too? Was it a TFK convention in Wexford today or something?



He didn’t post much today so I presume he’s back at work.

Splendid say in Wexford, smashing weather.


Work? he posts more during work than out of it!


No not back at work for another 3 weeks. I still would have bought you a coffee and had a fag with you , you cunt


Bullet dodged @carryharry


You’re a cunt


Must have been a snap shot har? I drove through the ancient east like a bat out of hell


@Mac I’ll be leaving Dublin airport around 2:30 tomorrow and hitting the M50. Going south to my beloved Limerick. How bad will the traffic be?


If you can get past the red cow by 3 you should be fine. If it’s later than that you’ll just have to sit and soak it in maaaaaan


Cheers @Mac


You’ll be grand, be moving anyway so long as there’s no accident or something.


You’ll be ating a chicken fillet roll and washing it down with a delicious petrol-station latte in Junction 14 before you know it.


A chicken curry with rice and chips hopefully


A superb choice. You’d know you spent time on The Continent.


It was grand. Hit the red cow just about 3. Was in the balbec by 6:15 including a McDonakds stop.


Did you forget where you were and order the McSwan meal by mistake?


He thought he was in an off licence but turned out it was a petrol station


You need to up your game mate


I’m in the middle of potty training mate, cut me some slack