Calling mac-Mildly important


Your a bit old for that mate




Up your game kid.


It’s great to have you home, pal.




It’s freezing here


It’s the height of summer, you’ve gone soft… I’m here in shorts and a t-shirt


Definite change in the temps alright. Summers gone mmmaaaannnnnn


Welcome back to the Charleville-Kilmallock urban conurbation


Thanks. Just did a spin on the bike Kilmallock-Ardpatrick-Ballyhea-Charleville-Home. A smattering of blood and bandage flags and one Galway flag up in Effin.


I’m surprised there are any for a semi final to be honest. There will be a good few leading up to the final if we win on Sunday, but nothing like it would be your side of the border.


Charleville have representation this year though


That’s because we’re box office.


This is true. We would probably have had more up in Ballyhea when Neil was on the team too.


The Harp Bar looks like it’s closed and converted back to a house?


Been closed a good while. Didn’t know it had been converted. Davy Barrett’s the last remaining pub in Effin, not even sure if that’s still going


The Idle Hour was open


Forgot about that place. Never somewhere I’d have gone drinking


You’re Ballyhea? Somebody here the other day asked what happened to Diarmuid O’Flynn, haven’t noticed him writing anything.


He’s Ming’s political assistant in the EU. A left wing firebrand on twitter.