Calling Mac - urgent


Can you give me a brief summary of the new companies act please

Bullet points prefarable

This as brief as I think you’ll get

Ffs sakes.

This is a couple of levels beyond Mac.
@count_of_monte_crist is the man for this job

cat got your tongue mac?

That covers all 1448 sections with remarkable ease.

Goodbody’s and Cox’s both have excellent micro sites available.

What part of the new act are you concerned about buddy?

its affects on charities/clubs and not for profits

I haven’t a clue mate.


Would you prefer I provide you with wrong information?

no,id prefer if you did some research and got back to me

WTF is up your ass these days, i get it, you dont like change but FFS lighten the fuck up

I only asked a simple question buddy - I’d hate for you to be misinformed due to my lack of knowledge. No need to snap. The change has been excellent by the way. Its really weeded out the idiots on here.