Calling muldoons from kilkenny

will be in kilkenny at the weekend- where is the best place to watch the match at the weekend- will i see it in a tratorria or is a pub the best option


The Link Walsh is most likely in bed now due to his impending trip to Dail Eireann early in the morning but i will give him a ring and report back shortly with his suggestions…

He didn’t seem pleased at being awoken but nevertheless i got the required information from him. He recommends one “Pump House” and a “Biddy Early’s”, both located in the city…

Im surprised the link wasnt below in the spots playing a few hands. The field is not so bad either

I’d bring the laptop to be on the safe side m8, try the World’s End, a very cultural pub.

I imagine every pub will show the league final NCC.
Head up to Shem Delaney if its a great pint of ale and a bit of good hurling talk your after.
No need to thank me.

Carrolls pub across from the army barracks is a top class establishment.

Top tip: Bring a naggin of your favourite tipple with you and they will put it in the fridge behind the bar for you.

Kilkenny is a good base for exploring the surrounding area. New Ross is a must see and comes highly recommended.