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Hope you are ok buddy?

Just saw this.

Part of Dublin to Belfast rail line collapses
watch Friday, 21 August 2009 22:52

A section of the main Dublin to Belfast railway line has collapsed in Malahide in north Dublin.

It happened this evening north of Malahide station on the viaduct across the estuary.

Iarnrd ireann has said the collapse had the potential to be a serious tragedy.

A 20 metre section of viaduct on the Broadmeadow estuary, between Malahide and Donabate gave way at around 6.20pm.

The damaged line was noticed by the driver of the 6.07pm train travelling from Balbriggan to Pearse station.

He drove to Malahide station and reported what he had seen.

All other trains were immediately stopped from using the line.

There were 40 to 50 people on the train, but no one was injured.

Iarnrd ireann says it will be investigating the incident fully.

The company says lines are inspected regularly and viaducts have a maintenance regime.

There will be shuttle bus services between Drogheda and Skerries for northern commuter services.

However, transfers are being arranged between Dublin and Drogheda for Dublin/Belfast services.

yeah, very lucky no one was injured,

there is going to be commuter chaos for people who are north of Malahide for the next few weeks

The highly toxic nature of the sea water in that area weakened the structure of the bridge.

Partitionist bastards trying to cut communications between Ulster and the rest of the country?

it came down at an estuary

Lets not get caught up in semantics

I thought an estuary contained both fresh and saline water, making your observation about toxic sea water rather cogent

Are you blaming the blueshirts?


Austin Curry specifically.

There is hardly a blue flag beach left in Fingal area due to the toxic nature of the water in area. Apparently one of the main causes of the pollution is the tenament dwellers in malahide emptying their bed pans into the open sewers.

Shoddy, shoddy workmanship.

Lucky there wasn’t a serious disaster
Fair play to the train driver that spotted this from a distance, stopping his train and preventing loss of life

This is a fucking disaster for the people of mid-Fingal and further north.

I know a few people who live in Laytown and looking at the timetable that’s up there now, you’re now relying on a bus to Drogheda and then a shit train service back to Laytown.

They have the timetable completely arseways too. Lots of trains from Drogheda to Laytown in the morning (when everyone needs to go the other way to get the train) and then one every two hours in the evening when everyone’s going home.

Any decent country would have a rail spur from Drogheda to Navan and they’d be able to bring people into the city centre still.

The M1 is going to be carnage for months.

3 months of commuter chaos awaits- hopefully it wont affect us cyclists too much

Fucking disaster for us because we can’t get a train to Belfast next Saturday for our first ever Setanta Cup game. A good few people in my job live north of Malahide as well, don’t know what they’re going to do now either.

buses will be running from stations (donabate to malahide, drogheda to town) but it will be chaos on the M1 & will add a good bit of time to peoples commute

They are the risks you take when you elect to live in a rural backwater like Malahide.

it doesnt affect malahide you thick tard