Calling south wexicans

do any of you speak Yola?



good stuff, its very similar to fingalian i believe - both noble languages- you dont mind if i ever have to PM i do it in either of our native languages

is the yola park still open on the rosslare road

is there a town in Weisforthe known as shemailer?

shelmailer gaa club is based outside wexford town around the village of castlebridge which is bout 4 miles from town on the gorey road id say

Shelmalier was one of 10 baronies the Brits set up in Weisforthe.

some bedtime reading for wexicans - didnt realise you all had flemmish roots?┬▒nigeria&lr=&as_brr=3&as_pt=ALLTYPES&source=gbs_summary_r&cad=0#PPA7,M1

you might not agree with everything in the book but you cant dent the validity of the statement that
When carrick a dee wears a hat
let forth & bargy beware of that

Gents, I shall be spending a couple of days in Fethard-on-Sea at the end of the month. Looking for some restaurant, pub grub recommendations.

Wife and kids in tow, so child-friendly a must.