Calling the Anti Rogbee crowd

Who do we hope wins this Munster vs Ulster match today ?


Great to see a thread for this. I’m going with Munster myself.



Not in Ulster’s name.

The whole thing just makes my skin crawl. I couldn’t pick one mob over the other at this stage. Both of them are loathsome in their own way. It’s a tough one dancingbaby. Luckily I don’t have Sky Sports so I won’t even glance this shit today.

Ulster. I still have some hope that Limerick can be saved for hurling.

Who has a better chance of beating the D4’s - Claremont or Saracens ?


No one will stop them. Club Leinster are an unstoppable juggernaut.



A lot of these Ulster cunts were a fucking menace on the m7 tonight. Never seen driving like it. I am lucky to be alive.

Who won today? Was this in the beer cup or beer league?

Ffs sake Dunph.
It’s the cider league.

It is a weird competition whereby ordinary clubs have to take on huge contrived amalgamations of teams with makey uppy names, Dunph. It is a bit like Tournafulla taking on Waterford in a hurling match at times. In short, a complete joke.

Tour would bate the shit out of Waterford.

I used a poor comparison really, I should have said Bruff. Tour would beat Munster at Rogbee if they trained with an egg shaped ball for a week.

Can’t say i’ve heard of this competition, is it popular at all? Must be very few dopes into it.