Capital Cities & Successful football teams

There has been a remarkable lack of success in football by the teams from the great capitals of Europe(Rome,Berlin,Moscow,London,Paris) in terms of winning the top trophy in european football. madrid been the exception. A number of reasons put forward have been the cosmopolitan nature of the cities means that a lot of the inhabitants are less proud of their teams than parocihial towns such as manchester ,munich,lyon . Another reason put forward is that in london & moscow for examples they have too many clubs. The next great age in football is where as these capitals get stronger in terms of financial clout & populations their football clubs will dominate. great news for the Romanista on here.

anyone else think that AS Roma are on the verge of dominating football for decades?

another footballing oddity is that teams from smallish countries such as the netherlands & portugal have won the european cup/champions league but no danish,austrian or scottish team have ever won it- is it the influence of immigration


They’ve been nearly trying to franchise a team in Berlin to get a good side there but it just doesn’t seem to work. Maybe the divided city had something to do with it in Berlin’s case but there’ve been all sorts of mergers and things with that Hertha side to try and create a proper force and they’ve just found themselves relegated yet again.

yep- a scottish team has never won the european cup/champions league - although thats really a subplot to my post which is about capital cities

whats the richest city in Germany?

Frankfurt has most wealth but that’s more financial stuff.

Badly shown up.

eintracht frankfurt are no great shakes-?

whats munichs secret for the success- same as manchester,liverpool & milan, not a capital city but big industrial cities?

Glasgow Celtic 1967.


no such team as glasgow Celtic :rolleyes:

the only irish team ever to win it

as of 2010 but im confident that will change soon

keep on hooping

Another tard.

Its awful to see an idiot make a clown of himself, but whats worse is when an even bigger idiot comes along and piggy backs the idiocy.

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Scotland isnt a real place.

I don’t think Munich is that industrial - but it is wealthy with a huge catchment area and representative of Bavaria and not just the city.

It’s a fascinating theory NCC. Well played mate.

cheers bud

im working on a new theory for a thread later on today- the rise & fall of the provincial clubs 1975-1980 - Ill deal with malmo,forest & monchengladbach- why in this period did these small town clubs have such success & will we ever see it again-