Midlands or South East lads?

Engaged in a surprisingly heated discussion here. Geography vs State of mind.

I say Midlands.

South East pal, sorry.


South east

You can only state your opinion mate, no hard feelings.

South East. With Wexford, Waterford and of course, KK. The Midlands consists of shitholes like Offaly and of course, Laois.

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I’m afraid it’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

South East. It can only be allowed into the Midlands when we annex it. Graiguecullen is at the forefront of the move.

There seems to be a general consensus that this is indeed the case, led by the EU standard that is NUTS (which is a real standard).

We’re mostly surprised by this. I don’t think I’ve ever spent time in Carlow further south of Tinryland which may explain my midlandsy feel for the place.

I commend TFK on its swift and decisive response to this.

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South east

South East.

And Clonmel.

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Clonmel is a different country chief. It’s Tipperary. You need a passport and a special visa to ensure entrance. Particularly coming from the Kilkenny side

As it should be

Carlow out of footballs basement for the first time since 1985. That game against Dublin did them the World of good.


More proof that leinster champo is really beginning to hot up for the summer…

Hon the scallion eaters

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The Carlow boys are moving into day 4 of the saucing. Incredible scenes.

First promotion for the footballers in 33 years last Sunday, promotion for the hurlers yesterday and the new Director General of the GAA is Carlow man Tom Ryan. What a week. No wonder @Fitzy is missing in action. He must be seriously on the sauce to celebrate one of the great weeks for Carlow GAA.

Its over pal.