Brian O’Neill is literally taking the piss out of Carlow GAA here.

Ah. Fucking. Lovely.

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They’re like wild animals

Poacher is a fair tramp.

Like all good uprisings in Ireland, the #Carlowrising has been fucked by it’s own

Small county mentality, you would think they would be used to losing.

We called this one early

In kevs absence I’m happy to call out the bluffers anywhere I see them. This Poacher cunt is a bluffer supreme. Between this and living rent free in lads heads, I’m expecting a phone call about flyers any day now.

Proper order

@myboyblue almost single handedly keeping the thread going here. Doing a great job trying to keep his own county Laois and also Carlow relevant.

Sweep sweep. Shame on your people for tolerating that Poacher tramp.

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I’m from North London mate. Just happened to reside in Carlow for a while.

So they have a habit of taking in delinquents.

They’re not as refined in Carlow as they are in Queen’s County.

You’re right about that.

He said: “The video of the incident was leaked on the lead up to our game against Laois.

“Leaked in the lead up against Laois to try create a stir and cause a bit of a schmozzle. That wasn’t co-incidental and we know where it came from.

“We know what camp it came from. We played Laois that week and we know what camp it came from.

“It was ironic and quite funny that in the lead up to that game, you talk about innocent until proven guilty, we were guilty straight away.

“It was trial by media and the stuff that was written in the media was absolutely disgraceful.”

This Poacher cunt is unhinged. I hope legal proceedings are taken against him


All the hullabaloo is over that? :cowboy_hat_face: Nothing in that.

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A very odd obsession that @myboyblue has with little old Carlow.

Seems like Laois are living rent free in Carlow heads if Poacher is blaming them for releasing a clip of a match that didn’t even involve them.

Maybe if you don’t sprint after a referee at full time and threaten him you won’t get slapped with a hefty ban.

If anything they should increase the suspension for that disrespectful outburst.

@myboyblue is that O’Reilly lad back playing club or intercounty football since the assault that time?