Added a casino to the forum (link is just to the left of the music player). Most of it is fairly straightforward but the best feature is that it allows users to play Texas Hold Em poker against eachother in real time.

This sounds good but no link for it :confused:

Hmmm even when logged in? Can you access the music player alright Flano?

Appendage was able to play it the other day so don’t see why you wouldn’t.

I was able to play the music player the other day but that link seems to be gone too

You can only get the links when you’re on a thread or in a board - you know that. They’re not accessible from the main page of the forum. So when you’re looking at this thread for example can you not see the links underneath the log out stuff on the top right?

Oh yeah I assumed that. They’re not there for me anyway.

What happens if you click this:

[quote=“therock67”]What happens if you click this:

Yeah that works fine

Are you using something other than the green skin/template? Sorry - just looked at your screenshots and you are. The modifications only work on the green template for the moment. I need to make sure they all work before changing the other templates because it’s a load of hassle to change every template back if something goes wrong.

Good man Rocko. Thats it