Celeb Spotting Adjudicator - Nominations Thread

Could all interested parties make themselves known on this thread?

Adjudicator of the Celeb Spotting thread is one of the most prestigous roles on TFK and it does none of us any favours to have a prolonged vacancy before filling this position.

I know certain posters have made their intentions to run known on another thread but I propose that via this thread:

i) Forum members must formally put themselves forward for the role; and / or
ii) Forum members can be nominated by one or more of their peers;
iii) A poster nominated by a third party must acknowledge the nomination on this thread;
iv) A poster may make 1 self nomination and / or 1 third party nomination.

Please note that:

i) If a nominated forum member formally declares that they do not wish to run via a post made on this very thread then they will not be considered in the poll to decide the vacancy;
ii) Nominations will remain open until 9pm on Wednesday night, 4th January;
iii) Some time after that, but no later than 10.15am on Thursday, 5th January, a poll will be created by me to decide the new AOTCST.
iv) The poll will remain open until 4pm on Friday, 6th January. At that stage the person with the most votes will be declared the victor and will be appointed AOTCST.
v) A 1-hour blitz tie-break poll will be carried out in the event of a draw.

It might also be helpful if candidates provided an overview of their celeb spotting policies, aims, memories, fears etc on this thread.

Thank you.

Bandage (AOTCST 1st June 2011 - 2nd January 2012)

i would like to put my name forward for this role.

Thanking you,


The poster formally know as the Puke, Chewie Lewie is the only man for the job

I would like to nominate the poster The Dunph for the role

Are you nominating him or merely making that observation?

WITJ and The Dunph are confirmed so far.

I would like to nominate farmerinthecity for the role. I think he would be a fantastic adjudicator

I would like to nominate Fagan O’Dowd. I think he is a lovely man.

I can confirm that I am nominating chewy louie for the roll.

Thank you for the kind endorsement Balbec but I have already signaled my intention not to seek this prestigious office.

yeah I just read it on the other thread. I hereby withdraw the nomination.

Bandage, I note Fagan’s official exclusion from the race by virtue of Balbec’s withdrawal of the nomination but am I right in saying you must withdraw from the running on this thread if officially nominated by someone else?

Anyway I’m going to nominate Gavin.

I hereby withdraw from the nomination process and confirm that I do not wish to let my name go forward.

Rocko, a poster may withdraw a nomination up to the 9pm deadline and/or a poster who is nominated may declare that they do not wish to run. Either course of action is an acceptable way of ensuring that poster will not be in the poll.

Do you plan on running yourself?

I wish to nominate Thrawneen for this position. He is just the level headed young go getter that the Celeb Spotting thread needs

I do not wish for my name to go forward for said vote, I wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to such a prestigious role

They aren’t fit to lace your boots with regard to celeb spotting you should reconsider

I should also clarify that posters are limited to one third party nomination only.

I wish to nominate cluaindiuic, I dont believe anyone heretofore nominated would lace his boots when it comes to this position.

Are we allowed one third party nomination and one self nomination?


I nominate The Link Walsh