Celebrity and Complete No Marks Deaths 2018 to now include Celebrities who are critically ill and dogs


Good god. Where have you been?


What? Is one of them dead?


Ah Jesus, that brings me back. The Father Dowling Mysteries - can remember watching that as a child back in the day!

And the young, hip Nun (was her name Sister Clarence?) who acted as his sidekick as they embarked on various adventures and escapades solving crime.


It’s Mahoney, the guy from Police Academy


I think Charles Ingalls is the greatest tv dad of all time, followed to a close second place by John Walton Sr. They were great men.


John Walton Snr was a good man.
Theme music always made me feel sad.
Walton’s Mountain what a spot.


Were you named after Ralph Waite?


Ah come on @Fagan_ODowd , no Fr. Tim Devereux?


I didn’t want to be fighting for “relivance” so did some research on this guy. He played Frasier’s Dad in Frasier but the actor who played Frasier seems to be confused and thinks he was his real Dad.


That’s fucked up. He should see a psychiatrist.


Oof. Right in the feels that one.




Marty was a top, top man.



This fella was a top Dad


Fraser was one of the greatest comedies of all time


A sophisticated comedy.
Lots of people probably couldn’t understand it. Pity.


The brother was class


Great show.

Good few of the actors in it are gay in real life - niles, the lad who played bulldog and there
Were many rumours that Mahoney was too. No wonder Kelsey Grammer was such a competent swordsman when no one on set wasn’t going near the women


And how could you forget


Cheers was it’s Midwife . The classic case of an intellectual drinking in a working class bar.

Reminds me of a pub I used years ago .

Fascinating to watch .