Celebrity and Complete No Marks Deaths 2018 to now include Celebrities who are critically ill and dogs


88 is a grand age, we’d all do well to reach it.

7 years of Parkinsons would be a cunt mind you.

He revealed he had the neurological disorder Parkinson’s disease in a BBC interview in 2014.

“I have seen, and looked after, patients with so many neurological and other disorders that I am not surprised I have acquired an illness,” he said at the time.


RIP, he appeared a consummate gentleman. Great article here from Gary Smith about mile world record holders


an amazing man, he wrote in his book that he wanted to be remembered for his contribution to medical science rather than the 4 minute mile, RIP


Unfortunately for him we can’t always get what we want.


A real hero, may he rest in peace. R.I.P.


Time ran out on Roger.



Davide Astori

Died in his sleep



Thats very very sad


Yes, always hard to understand a young healthy person passing away


Think a vague name such as sudden adult death syndrome is assigned to deaths of this nature. They are almost totally unprecedented and unexplainable. Every player will have an ECG in their medical to look for heart defects so obviously nothing unusual would have been noted.

Very tragic circumstances and only became a father 2 weeks ago.


88, that’s a fair few miles on the clock


2 weeks,jaysus


Young fit lads like that dying of natural causes is terrifying


The saddest part of all, Jesus that’s awful.


I imagine it’ll be explainable but it’s rather unsettling that such a problem can sometimes be undetectable.


Bannister had a lovely running style. He used to really open his legs and express himself. It’s amazing to think he regarded running as a pastime


That was Alberto Juantorena, mate.


Very sad.


Is it? Weren’t track athletics amateur back then?


Ken Dodd.

He was a creepy one.