Celebrity and Complete No Marks Deaths 2018 to now include Celebrities who are critically ill and dogs


Surely everyone had Stephen Hawking


Hawking was a fraud


Agreed, not well thought of in the scientific community


Very sad news about Hawking. Only given a few years to live when his condition was diagnosed when he was 22. Despite that he went on to live to 76, have a brilliant career and was a top shagger to boot.


I can’t think of one significant discovery he made. His voice was ridiculous as well.


Listen to the live version of Pink Floyd’s Keep Talking after a good smoke…
Stephen Hawkings greatest contribution to culture…RIP


R.I.P. Ken.

He minded his own business and stayed away from the celeb circles. A clever fellow.


R.I.P. Stepen Hawking. You had the world dancing at your feet.


You a Gervais fan or something?



Jim Bowen :cry:


No. Say it ain’t so.


Aw no.

Legend. RIP.

‘Here’s what you could have won’


Today’s special guest on Bullseye is the Grim Reaper.


I’m afraid so Sid. 80 was his final check out.


Jim has received his BFH - his bus fare home.




It’s in books.


RIP Jim Bowen.

There was a lovely thread on Twitter recently about him / Bullsye:


That’s superb.