Celebrity and Complete No Marks Deaths 2018 to now include Celebrities who are critically ill and dogs


Very famous in rugby circles. A bona fide celebrity.


Something a bit off here Geoff. He’s hardly “famous” in rugger circles - notorious may be more the word here.
As for a celeb, well a guy who existed as a recluse for 40 years off in the outback scrummaging down with kangaroos and living off bush tucker hardly qualifies.

All that is presumed on the basis that he didn’t go entirely native living with the roos…

An interesting read that confirms that multiple bangs to the head often bring out an oddness in lads.


Selwyn froggett :pensive:


Ray Wilkins not looking good.


awful man for the drink


A living non celeb on the Celebrity Deaths thread. Don’t think you will get this one through mate.


Just giving the board an early warning mate.


The drink ruined him. Was he done for drink driving in recent years or did I imagine that?

Never knew he won the title with Rangers. A spell with AC Milan that often gets forgotten about also.


Ray was a trailblazer . Sent off in ‘86 World Cup as well.


Looked his career up on Wikipedia there - was at PSG for a brief spell also.


He was a fucking shit footballer as well. I could never understand how people thought he was good. He was as slow as fuck and clearly very unfit for his entire career.


RIP bill Maynard

He was the gaffer


Butch was an Ibrox legend. Scored a cracker in his first game for them against Glasgow Celtic, a 5-1 rout.


Not the first English player to shame themselves in a world cup in the americas


Go easy on your former Chelsea goalkeeper Peter Bonetti. Every keeper has a horror day at the office like that at some stage in his career. Unfortunate though for Bonetti that he reserved it for a World Cup quarter final against the arch enemy.


I’m talking about the thief


The jewel thief?




How is Bobby viewed among your fellow Irons fans after that shocking incident?


I guess many football fans ignore stuff if the player does it on the pitch