Celebrity and Complete No Marks Deaths 2018 to now include Celebrities who are critically ill and dogs


I suppose, he was still a decent player in 70? Still and all ye showed him afterwards, that’s the reason ye treated him like shit for the rest of his life?


You seem to have ignored the fact that there was no case to answer that the Colombian police made a pigs ear of it.


You seem to ignore the diplomatic pressure put on the colombians


Not sure why we did that mate


He was brilliant in “escape to victory”. Very composed on the ball.


More bluster, bullshit and conspiracy theories. You seem to have a problem with concepts such as due process, rule of law, innocence and reality.


Was Geoffrey Boycott found guilty?


To the best of my knowledge the Yorkshire and England opening batsman wasn’t in Colombia with the England World Cup squad in 1970 and had nothing to do with the bracelet that was alleged to have been stolen.

I wasn’t in Colombia in 1970 either.


Was he found guilty of anything else mate


Do your own research.


Answer the question


Who from limerick is gonna die in next fortnight? Last two times Munster had to travel to play racing in France foley then Delores o riordain died. Noonan is too obvious so I’m going for either Willie O or Eamon Cregan


Anthony Foley was from Killaloe, Co. Clare.


Leave Blondey alone you cunt


Father Joseph Mallin


If losing you’re father to a bullet makes a fella a celebrity we are going to have a lot of Hutches mentioned here.


Winnie Mandela RIP

She withstood many hardships… most notably Irish rugby’s continuous support of apartheid.

Thankfully Gerry Adams righted some of that wrong when he became besties with Nelson.


Aye herself and liar Adams would be good mates alright. A lot in common. Murderering innocent people. She should have been jailed for life over the death of Stompie Moekeksi


Well said. She was a bad egg.


An evil person.