Celebrity and Complete No Marks Deaths 2018 to now include Celebrities who are critically ill and dogs


Hope he died roaring?? Ffs


He was a scumbag


Get in!!


See above mate


The oirish have no class. Even Obama and Clinton are coming out with great tributes


Clinton was a scumbag. I hope he dies roaring


A war hero.


He was the youngest fighter pilot in the US navy in World War 2. I was reading up on his naval career there earlier. They don’t breed heroes like that any more.


A defender of freedom


We owe our liberty to men like this .


Is it 1-1 mate?


One of the GOAT presidents crushed the commies and put Saddam on his hole after Kuwait


He was a great man for a coup


George W Sr was a cunt. The amount of shit he got up to with Black ops and the CIA was incredible.


It would be like if Russia appointed the head of the KGB as president. We’d never forgive them. We’ll never know what he got up to with the CIA but we know enough. As President he was mostly ok.


What was he supposed to do with black ops and cia? Save turtles?


So because you can be bad you should be?


You get it


Nordie veil slipping here…


Not to mention.the green berets