Celebrity and Complete No Marks Deaths 2018 to now include Celebrities who are critically ill and dogs


always preferred the black ones :rofl:


I did a stint in the tf


The guy in the middle whose name escapes me between Peter the Punt and Noel (gunrunner & father of Emma Lyttle Pengelly sponsored by said Peter) Lyttle … well that pout always put me off a lyttle


The stormont buffet has done for her as it has done for many another


Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns.


Jeez! Looks like she’s beefed up alright!


Bun in the oven ?


Hun in the oven?


Paul Sherwen, Phil Liggett’s sidekick.


Dónall Farmer, Fr Devereux from Glenroe.

He was a regular in the Two Sisters pub in Terenure back in the day.




Fr Tim Devereaux if I’m not mistaken. Ah the things you remember.



Thomas Billington


Not sure you can refer to him as Father after he left the priesthood and shacked up with a woman


I can recall him being a very unassuming man who liked his pint of Guinness.

The other famous person knocking around that pub would be Dickie Rock. His mates would order the drink for him and ask the barman to change the TV.

‘Mr Rock would like to watch the racing!’



Is there hell toupee if the racing isn’t put on ?


I dont remember Dickie Rock at all?!

Dick Moran?

George Manning was a funny one, living in the big house married to the yank.


Was George the vicar ?
He had two children with odd names I think


Just copped this now hup


I’d say there’ll be a stewards enquiry on that