Celebrity and Complete No Marks Deaths 2018 to now include Celebrities who are critically ill and dogs


I’d just like to state that even though I was vaguely aware of who Luke Perry* was, I never watched Beverly Hills 90210.

*Though when I heard he had died, I did briefly, for a second, think to myself, “that’s terrible, he had a shocking bad run of luck since signing for Manchester United.”


A proper icon


One of the greatest of all time.



Rip King Kong Bundy


"I will be with @TheRealAlSnowat @wrestlecon at the @COLLARxELBOWbooth. Advance autographs and photo ops at BlizzardBrawl.com or contact @DavidHerro #FIVE #WWE #raw


Keith Flint did a Parkrun in a little over 21 minutes last Saturday, he must have been in decent enough shape.
Hard to believe King Kong Bundy was so young back in the day



Jan Michael Vincent, 74

Where’s the 2019 thread gone?


Hell of an obituary… first line is a real kick in the balls.


Airwolf was big


Georgie Burgess has snip snipped his mortal coil


RIP Dick Dale, godfather of surf guitar.