Celebrity Deaths - 2020

Yep, 4 mins past midnight, I’m that sad

Jack Charlton
Johnny Giles
John Delaney
Pope Francis
George W Bush


You truly are

Olivia De Havilland
Betty White
Dick Van Dyke
Bob Dole
Alison Spittle


I lolz’d at your last one. Heart attack?

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Alex Ferguson.
Babs Keating
Brian O Driscoll
Sinead o Connor
Bob Geldof

She dodged me last year but it’s only a matter of time

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Bob Dole is still alive😲

Kenny Dalglish.
Mary O’Rourke (NAP).
Murray Walker.
Neil Diamond.
Danny Glover.

Owen wilson
Hulk Hogan
Willy john mc bride
Ted hankey
Ricky Hatton


Bobby Charlton
Gilbert O Sullivan
Eddie O Sullivan
Eddie Jordan
John Rocha

George Hook
Prince Andrew
Bertie Ahern
David Trimble

Prince Andrew? Hes in top health his parents are in their 90s he was another 40 odd years of life left in him

He knows too much

HRH Lizzie Queen of the tans
Her cunt of a husband
Her cunt of a son
(One of) Her cunt(s) of a grandson

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Angela Lansbury
Kirk Douglas
David Norris
Lester Piggott
Eamon Dunphy

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Mary harney
Una mulally
Jonny depp
Jimmy greaves

Is there a rule about pre-existing conditions? Willie John McBride has been in failing health with cancer for a while now.

Fergie taken.

There’s a rule about celebrities though I’d say. In that they have to be celebrities.

don’t worry about it, he doesn’t qualify anyway as he’s not a celeb.

Neil Young
Dolly Patton
Eddie Keher
Edna O Brien
Sean Ban Breathanach
John Banville
Michael Smurfitt

Smurfitt came up as snuff it in my auto correct so he is my nap

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