Celebrity Deaths 2023

FFS. Not long since Michael K Williams died and all.

Ah no the latest John Wick movie out next week, he was brilliant in them. RIP

Ah no, Cedric Daniels RIP. :cry:

  1. Natural causes?

Heart attack possibly.

Always looked like he kept himself fit.
In the Wire anyway.

That makes me sad. Looked a fit man. Fuck it I’ll have to start the Wire again

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Mad to think it’s 21 years since first episode

Wasn’t so sure myself after the first scene. But stuck with it. I only watched it about three years ago.


One of the greatest opening scenes of all time. Its a slow burner. Only for my mate in college made me sit through it I don’t know if I would have. By season two I was in though and it was so good then. My favourite tv series of all time. Hands down. Nothing touches it.

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He was outstanding in the much underrated Fringe also. Very young.

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Season 3 and 4 are the best bits of screen entertainment ever.

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I whacked on an episode on bang’s 24/7 earlier this morning… McNulty undercover in the whorehouse :rofl:

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He was good in Bosch as well.

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Possibly the best thing to happen to young sheldon as well

Takes a whore to catch a whore!

“I read this report where you got blowed by this whore, and you actually wrote it that you got blowed.”



Huge presence on screen, a scene stealer really. Your eye would always be drawn to him. Very unique and talented actor, RIP.

Great episode. First appearances for Bunny Colvin and Brother Mouzone in that episode too.