Celtic-St Mirren

Rocko, giving you plenty of notice on this one. I’m going to be in Wexico this weekend and shall want to watch this game on my PC. Please have a link to a relevant stream on this thread by 2.30pm tomorrow.

Bandage wrote:

Rocko, giving you plenty of notice on this one. I’m going to be in Wexico this weekend and shall want to watch this game on my PC. Please have a link to a relevant stream on this thread by 2.30pm tomorrow.

or else… :grin:

Eh no guarantees. I have a link but that’s for a subscription site which is what I use every week now. That’s 10 or 20 for the season as far as I know but the quality is perfect.

I’d be very surprised if the game wasn’t on at:

but the quality is likely to be shite. That’s the quality of the stream by the way, not the match which should be a dinger.

If you want to subscribe to that other site for the season then give me a shout and I’ll let you know what to do but you’d want to start the process at about 1 because you need to wait until the lads who host the site get you authorised.


Unfortunately that’s a link to a song Raven. Thanks for making the effort though.





Donati injured and is not in squad

Bench is:

Zurawski, Killen, Riordan, Sno, Caddis, Balde

Anything much happening so far?

Can’t get any linkage to the game.

Quiet enough so far. A few sloppy touches and we look sluggish. Started well with McGeady getting a couple of early shots in that were blocked. Brown was very good in that spell too. Then Hartley lost it twice in the middle of the park and they didn’t have chances but they had breaks that they didn’t do anything with.

So there was a little spell where it was fairly even but the last 5 minutes we’ve upped the game again. Caldwell and McGeady are struggling a small bit now on the right flank though. They’ve had slips and misunderstandings and lots of that sort of stuff. Jarosik looks dangerous but he’s giving it away a bit too much but he’s getting on the ball a lot and drifting inside.

Front 2 haven’t been in it.

Shocking first half. Not even a single chance to describe. They’re playing very deep - from one corner we had they had all 11 in the box and 10 of those were around the 6 yard box. They’re giving lots of room to our full backs because they realise we don’t really have the pace or the agility to hurt them in that area.

Still we should be able to turn the screw on a limited side no matter how lacking in ambition they may be.

0-0 at half time.

Strachan out.

Jarosik header off the post after a short free clipped in by Hartley. Hope that gets us going now.

McGeady had a long range shot but it went straight at the keeper. Then a cross from McDonald to Jan who headed goalwards but a defender got a block on the ball. Another shot from Aiden and at least there’s pace about us now.

Sno on for Jarosik. Brown out wide right and McGeady left. Interesting to bring on Sno because he’s hardly a crowd favourite and it’s a frustrating day but Jarosik has looked a bit tired in the second half of recent games.

McGeady just booked for a late tackle.

Sheets of snow falling now.

Half a shout for a penalty from St Mirren after Corcoran collided with Hartley. It wasn’t a penalty but we should have challenged him outside the box.

Then McManus broke 50 yards with the ball and played in McDonald whose shot was blocked. Rebounded to Jan and his shot was blocked too.

Riordan about to come on. Sno is playing quite well in the middle.

This must be pretty grim.

Unbelievable 0-1. They got in behind Haertley - we took O’Dea off for Riordan and then a shot from a tight angle fairly straight at Brown who parried it out and they knocked in the rebound.

McDonald missed a good chance seconds before.

This is horrific viewing. We’re putting them under a small bit of pressure now but still far too many mistakes. Riordan has hit the front man with 3 crosses in a row and then just passed it straight to them.

Fook sake.

Is time nearly up?

Great shot from McGeady just touched over by the keeper. Actually it was a big deflection and that’s why it dipped so much.